Your Advantage

When you partner with ORMS, you get:

  • A dedicated property risk management team without the overhead associated with in-house staffing.
  • A team of environmental experts with a proven track record in financial services — and a full understanding of the nuances of lender due diligence.
  • A best practices, leveraged approach to protecting the value of your real estate collateral, based on years of experience serving lenders.
  • A brief, easy-to-understand summary of environmental reports that saves time and money associated with the environmental process.
  • A clear explanation of what you need — and what you don’t need.
  • A staged fee structure — the ORMS Escalation program — that prevents duplicate charges when additional levels of due diligence are required.
  • Objective environmental due diligence solutions with a focus on your bottom line.
  • Top-notch customer service from a professional team that understands the business needs of banks.
  • Peace of mind knowing we’re helping you check all the boxes needed to make sure the SBA is comfortable with loans, ultimately resulting in more SBA guarantees on your loans.