7A Lending

For years Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) has worked closely with the SBA and 7A Lenders to help provide an in-house environmental due diligence solution. ORMS helps SBA lenders order and prepare environmental submissions thereby increasing the approval rate for our clients. ORMS reduces the time spent by your staff on the review and approval process of environmental reports for the SBA, all while increasing the number of loans you can close successfully.

Challenge Solution ORMS
Managing the environmental risk process for your bank Evaluate, develop, implement and monitor your due diligence policy YES
Time required to review and accept environmental reports Experts review your reports to increase your approvals while providing a risk management review YES
Uncertainty when an environmental issue is raised Experts handle the review, identify if a mitigating factor is applicable, prepare the submission. Clients can rest easy knowing your experts have long lasting relationships with the SBA. YES
Handling the appeals process Have an advocate to assist and guide the appeal to the environmental committee YES
What is a Records Search with Risk Assessment A team to perform a SBA approved RSRA and explain the results to your lenders and borrowers YES