Commercial Lending

Today’s economic climate has made the commercial lending market very challenging.   It’s even more important than ever that lenders and their borrowers have a clear understanding of the potential risks associated with existing and/or potential environmental issues and how that impacts their exposure to environmental liability.

Another area of concern is the potential environmental issues present on collateral property and how those issues pose one of the largest risk exposures to commercial lenders.  Environmental risks can happen whenever lenders finance new purchases, refinance existing loans or when they assume a loan previously funded by another lending institution.

ORMS helps lenders manage their property risk programs by evaluating, developing, implementing and monitoring their environmental due diligence procedures.  ORMS procures, screens and evaluates RSRA, Transaction Screen Analyses (TSAs)  and Phase I environmental reports with short review turnaround times.  In addition, we offer the ORMS EnviroFlash™, EnviroFlash Lite™, and Desktop Reviews as low-cost options to help screen real estate and ensure properties do not contain or present environmental concerns.

Our main goal is to be lenders’ trusted risk advisor, business partner and advocate to help effectively and efficiently manage potential and existing environmental risks in order to free them up to do what they do best:  focus on their customers, core business and ultimately the pursuit and development of new business opportunities.